SkinCageDaniel Stockholm was fifteen years old when a parasite hijacked his brain, rendering him paralyzed and reliant on machines that run day and night to keep him alive. For nine years, Danny has been confined within a biological prison with only two small windows, through which to view the world around him; a silent witness to the selfless compassion of some and the selfish contrivance of others. When the malicious actions of care worker, Marcus Salt, threaten to push Danny farther from the ones he loves, and deeper into the dark recesses of his skin cage, he is left with only one option. He must find a way out.


Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Superb writing!
By Jan R on Sept. 6 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This is such a beautifully poignant story of love and hope despite the tragic condition of the main character Daniel. I was entranced from the start and each chapter was more spellbinding than the last. It was hard to conceive how a whole book could be told from the perspective of a comatose man, but the imaginative story that unfolded far exceeded any ideas I’d had. To tell of all the fascinating twists in the plot would spoil the story, so I shall leave that pleasure for readers to discover for themselves. Needless to say, I had no idea where the story was going and was intrigued until the final page.

This story is such a magical blend of fantasy and real life that it all became believably real. The fantasy aspects were described so well, I was left pondering whether they were in fact memories of actual experiences. Again I’m being cryptic to avoid spoiling this amazing story. Given that Daniel is in a coma, it was inevitable this was going to be an emotional book, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the number of times it brought me to real tears. Throughout the book I felt deep sorrow, anguish and rage, yet there was always an underlying feeling of hope and plenty of smiles.

This is the kind of book you could easily read in one sitting; it would be so easy to lose yourself in the story. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of time, so I was really appreciative of the short chapters. Each is a complete little story and the quirky ‘I am…’ titles build the different facets of Daniel’s character. However you read it, it’s a fantastic book and one I truly recommend. An easy five stars for this unique story!


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