HARMONIC: Resonance


HarmonicResonanceThe whole world waits for the gates of Hell to open; at least half of them wait on their knees, praying for it to be quick, praying to a god not even the dead can say exists.

I have done all I can to prepare. All I can do now is wait with the rest. I don’t know if anyone will make it through, or if anyone will ever listen to this recording. I’m sure everyone’s version of events will be different, but the end will most likely be the same for us all. They are everywhere now, strange variations of the basic demonic form—horns, talons, and teeth. They too are waiting for the transition, the next convergence.

My name is Emily. I am twenty-three years old, and I will probably not make it to twenty-four. I don’t know what I’m hoping to achieve with this recording, if anything, but I have no one left to talk to, so you’ll have to do.

Preview HARMONIC: Resonance

Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

—Reviewed by Sharon Brownlie

A hit!

Harmonic: Resonance is the best book I have read by Nico Laeser. In this title there is more action and dialogue. It is clearly a work well thought out from start to finish. One thing I did notice was that the author reached out to me as a reader, he drew me in and kept me there to the end.

His characters are believable, first we meet Emily and the story is told from her point of view. Her thoughts and actions explain what is happening, never once did the author lose me, every page was a treat to read. Through excellent dialogue we have the characters asking deep questions and looking for the meaning of what and why they found themselves in the situation they are in- “Is there a God? A Heaven? A Hell?” It makes you think how you would react and would you too ask the same? Would you question humankind? His secondary characters were just as well drawn, I leant towards Gary, a plain speaking guy with no airs and graces, he tells it like it is.

In Harmonic: Resonance the author uses ‘show’ ‘don’t tell’ this is important to me because it makes for interesting reading and makes you feel as if you are there with the characters. I hope the author is busy penning more novels, he certainly is one indie author that should be noticed.


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